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Keep independent with a stairlift

Can A Stairlift Save Your Independence?

Over a third of Britons aged over 55 say they would be compelled to sell their home to fund long-term care in retirement.


400px Lee Pearson October 2008

Unicorn Stairlifts Install Stairlift for Lee Pearson CBE

We are pleased to announce that we have recently installed a stairlift for Lee Pearson CBE.


Unicorn Stairlifts logo

Unicorn Stairlifts Website Update

The website has been improved in appearance and for navigational purposes.


Stairlift Batteries

Stairlift Myth No 5: “D/C powered stairlifts – batteries go dead and regularly need replacing”

D/C powered stairlifts contain 2 x highly durable, heavy duty rechargeable batteries which power the stairlift up and down the staircase.


Stairlift Safety Sensors

Stairlift Myth No 4: “Stairlifts won’t stop when an unexpected obstruction occurs”

Modern day stairlifts are fitted with many safety features designed to protect the user and non-users within the household.


Stairlift Rack Pinon

Stairlift Myth No 3: "Stairlifts can start moving on their own"

A stairlift can’t be moved anywhere without the user directly controlling it either by the controls on the stairlift arm or by remote control.


Stairlifts work even if there is a power cut

Stairlift Myth No 2: “Stairlifts stop working when a power cut occurs leaving me unable to get off safely”

The horror stories of people getting stuck half way up the stairs on a stairlift is now history. The vast majority of modern day stairlifts are now D/C battery powered as opposed to the older last generation of stairlifts which where A/C powered.



Stairlifts are fixed to the stairs not the wall

Stairlift Myth No 1: “Stairlifts are fixed to wall and cause damage to my decor”

A common myth with the installation of a stairlift is that when fitted in to your home they are fixed and attached to the wall.



Stairlift charge systems

Stairlift Charging Points & Continuous Charging System

The difference between stairlift charging points and stairlift continuous charging system.....


Meditek logo header

MediTek Stairlifts To Launch In The USA

Home Stairlift manufactures MediTek are launching there Stairlift products in to the US market.



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