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Our New Office Space

It all started with the admin assistant complaining she was cold, there was talk of insulating the office to retain the heat better through the winter months, and before you knew it we’d collectively redesigned the whole office and set about planning for a total refurbishment.


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Unicorn Stairlifts Love 2 Shop Giveaway

Hands up if you like unicorns and shopping!




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Have you seen our new video?

We decided to start the new year with a bit of a bang by launching a new video AND a new competition over on our Facebook page to help shake off some of those winter blues.



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Christmas Hamper Winner

Here are a couple of photos sent in from our hamper winner Katie Barber.


Brooks 130 Stairlift Special Offer

Why Get A Stairlift

The thought of growing older or suddenly needing more help with mobility can be very daunting. Sometimes people can find that the place they used to call home has now become scary and intimidating as they try to navigate up and down stairs, sometimes becoming trapped and only able to use certain areas of the home


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The Launch of the SSAFA drop-in

At Unicorn Stairlifts we proudly sponsor a variety of Charities.


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The Evolution Of The Stairlift

It was always thought that the stairlift was created in the 1920’s by C.C Crispen when he wanted to help his sick friend get up and down stairs.  That is, until 2009 when a historian named David Starkey found evidence that King Henry VIII had one fashioned to help him get up and down stairs after he was injured jousting.  


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Our amazing Christmas Giveaway

As a thank you to our wonderful customers and loyal followers for their continued support,  we've launched an amazing Christmas hamper give away over on our Facebook page.



Stairlift Usage: Questions Answered

Living Made Easy posted these FAQ's recently, feel free to contact us if they raise any more questions for you.


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Ex Footballer Peter Beagrie praises Unicorn Stairlifts Installation

When professional footballer and commentator Peter Beagrie needed our services, we were only too happy to help. Here's what he had to say about his experience with us:



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