Acorn Superglide Stairlift | Old / New Version - How To Tell The Difference

We currently have a special promotion on one of our stairlifts featured on E-bay : ACORN 120 SLIMLINE SUPERGLIDE STAIRLIFT - EX DEMO MODEL for only £995.00 (RRP £1,800.00) which is a great deal and has been extremely popular.

We did notice however that a lot of listings on E-bay are claiming to be the latest version Acorn Superglide Stairlift but are in fact the older decommissioned version. Both versions do look fairly similar to the untrained eye, however there are some visual differences you can spot to ensure that your not purchasing the older model when buying off E-bay.

So we've taken it upon ourselves to point out the difference between the new Acorn 120 Superglide stairlift and the older version. Please see image below:

(You can enlarge the image by clicking on it)

Spotting the difference between old new Acorn Superglide StairliftsPresentation1 e1359641617998


Old version Vs New version

As pointed out in the image above, the latest version features controls on both arms, the old version has just a black control stick on one arm.

The newest version has been drastically slimed down in depth compared to the older version.

The new version no longer features an oval hole in the backrest.

As well as visual improvements over the older version, the new version also features upgrades in performance, safety and reliability.


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