Below you will find our most frequently asked questions. We get many stairlift and company related questions and try to answer as many as possible and put them on this page. If, however you don't find the answer you're looking for, please e-mail us @: info@unicornstairlifts.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


How do I know which type of stairlift I require?


What is the difference between a curved stairlift and a straight stairlift?


How much does a stairlift cost?


How Much Space Does A Stairlift Take?


What warranty do you offer on your stairlifts?


Do you offer extended warranties once the standard warranty expires?


How long do you take to send out a stairlift surveyor?


Will you send a stairlift surveyor or a pushy sales person?


How long will it take from placing an order to having the actual stairlift fitted?


How long does a stairlift installation take?


What happens once the stairlift is installed?


Why are curved stairlifts more expensive than straight stairlifts?


Should I rent or buy a stairlift?


Are reconditioned stairlifts inferior quality to new stairlifts?


Are reconditioned stairlifts reliable?


What is a stairlift hinge track system?


Can other people still use the stairs once the stairlift is fitted?


How is a stairlift operated?


Do stairlifts come with remote controls?


What happens if I'm on the stairlift and a power cut occurs?


Do stairlifts have weight restrictions?


Are stairlifts noisy?


What happens if something gets in the way of the stairlift?


How easy is it to get on and off the stairlift?


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