Bison 80 / Acorn 80 Changes Name To Brooks 80 Curved Stairlift

News from Acorn Stairlifts is that the Bison 80 Curved Stairlift (also known as the Acorn 80 Stairlift) will now be called the Brooks 80 Curved Stairlift. Sounds a little confusing and for those that aren't aware, Acorn Stairlifts own Brooks Stairlifts & Bison Stairlifts and they all come under the same umbrella.

The stairlift name change is the only alteration and everything else stays the same. Apparently the change of name is just a different approach with the marketing of the lift.

One new thing however, is the new and improved seat as shown below which is available from the 2nd July.

New Brooks 80 Curved Stairlift2


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