Charity Calls For An End To Flying Visits Scandal

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As the main provisions of the Care Act come into force this week, Leonard Cheshire Disability's Campaigns Director, Andy Cole, said "As the Care Act comes into force we are still waiting for flying 15-minute care visits to be relegated to history"

"Our recent research has revealed how widespread these visits still are, with over 70 per cent of councils carrying out 15-minute visits. Over the last two years we have found the numbers have barely reduced.


"No disabled or older person should have to face the daily reality of making an undignified choice between a cup of tea or going to the loo in these rushed visits.

"For the years we have been campaigning to end 15-minute care visits our campaign has received overwhelming public backing.

"The Care Act today rules out flying 15-minute visits for intimate care needs, but we know that many councils, facing massive budget pressures, are still delivering these visits.

"This is the moment all commissioners and government should seize this opportunity to put a stop to the scandal once and for all. Disabled and older people will be watching the situation closely over the coming year."


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