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Council Responds To Older People's Crossing Concerns

Council Responds To Older People's Crossing Concerns

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Over-60s in Swinton are celebrating improvements to their neighbourhood to make getting out and about safer and easier. The residents of Anchor Housing’s Highfield Court took part in a community street audit last year organised by pedestrian campaign charity Living Streets, in which they identified a number of issues which made walking in their local area difficult. 
Rotherham Council have taken action and older people in the area say that new dropped kerb crossings, extended handrails and the lowering of a nearby post box have made a world of difference. Especially welcome is the upgrading of the pedestrian crossing in the precinct which now allows more time to cross.
The scheme manager at Highfield Court, Jackie Snaith, said:
“It was very intimidating for us before, it made us feel like we needed to rush to cross before the lights changed. Now it gives us plenty of time to cross, which is really important for our residents that have mobility issues.”
The project is part of a Big Lottery funded initiative by Living Streets and Rotherham Council which aims to help older people be more mobile and retain their independence by improving their local streets. Jackie said the improvements had helped residents to feel more confident. She added:
“One resident, Val, told me that she feels a real sense of achievement as she has managed to walk to the precinct in Swinton and back again without having to stop half way, for the first time since she has been living here.” 
Living Streets’ Project Coordinator, Jim Shaw, who is leading the project, said:
“These improvements might not seem hugely significant, but for people who are older or have mobility issues it can make all the difference between remaining isolated at home or being out and about in the local community.”

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