Introducing The New Style Brooks Lincoln Seat

 New Style Brooks Lincoln Stairlift5

Our most popular brand new straight stairlift, the Brooks Lincoln Stairlift has had a seat redesign.

The new improvements to the Brooks Lincoln bring many benefits for customers, and additional functionality.

Completely redesigned with the user in mind, the new seat demonstrates a clean modern design, and a significant increase in comfort and usability. The overall size has been reduced, which, in addition to making the seat more aesthetically pleasing, allows for use on narrower staircases without any loss of comfort. The seating shape and position has been adjusted, making for a more ergonomic ride, with even greater flexibility provided for the user with the newly positioned paddle controls, adjusted to give easier access than ever before.

Complying with all current safety standards, the new Brooks seat has a wealth of improved features; new arm interlocks prevent accidental use when alighting to and from the seat, and the seatbelt has been moved higher for increased comfort when locking and unlocking.

•     Clean modern design
•     Reduced size
•     Ergonomic seating position
•     Easy access to controls
•     Paddle levers on each arm
•     Improved seatbelt positioning

Here are the latest dimensions and measurements of the new style Brooks Lincoln seat (click to enlarge):

New Style Brooks Lincoln Stairlift Dimensions Spec 1024x731New Style Brooks Lincoln Stairlift Dimensions Measurements1 1024x731

And here are some nice shots of the new style seat (again, click to enlarge)...

Brooks Lincoln Stairlift Swivel Seat4Brooks Lincoln Stairlift Folded 642x1024Brooks Lincoln Stairlift Slim Narrow 642x1024

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