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Looking After Your Mobility With Arthritis

Looking After Your Mobility With Arthritis

Did you know that around 80% of our stairlift sales are to those suffering with Arthritis?  A lot of people think that when Arthritis sets in, it’s the beginning of the end for mobility but that doesn’t always have to be the case.

Here we share our top 5 tips to keep active for as long as possible.


Keep Moving

While it’s best to avoid weight bearing exercise wherever possible, you should also keep moving within your own boundaries without pushing too hard.   Anything waterbased is great for Arthritis as it limits the impact movement has on your joints.  If you can find a pool with warm water this will be much easier on you too.

Invest in Yourself

Tools can make all the difference when living with Arthritis.  Sometimes the simplest of things we used to be able to do start to become a struggle, from opening a tin of jam to climbing the stairs, tools are available to make these jobs easier.

An electric can opener or a rubber jar opener can be the key to independence in the kitchen, a stepping stool can help you access stored items, and a stairlift can give you the peace of mind to stay safe and mobile in your own home.

Take Your Time

It can be easy to injure yourself before the day has even begun by getting out of bed too quickly when you have been laid still for quite a few hours.  It’s best to get up as slowly as possible, first turning onto your side before slowly sitting up and putting your feet out of the bed.   If you have the option, a grab rail can be a great addition here as many people with arthritis do tend to fall when getting out of bed especially.

Lose Weight

Ok, easier said than done, but obesity and Arthritis are two things which do not go well together and can send you into a ever deepening spiral of pain and discomfort.  Making sure you are at a healthy weight will take any undue pressure off of your joints and make life much easier for you, as well as all the other health benefits which come along with maintaining a healthy diet.  A good rule of thumb is to stick to thirds.  Full 1 or 2 thirds of your plate with healthy vegetables, or 1 with brown rice, and another with lean meat or another healthy protein.  Try and avoid adding fats, salts and sugars where possible.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

There is no shame in needing help.  As we grow older things naturally become more difficult for us and one of the most common things we see as a stairlift company is people refusing help.  There is no shame in help, it makes life easier for you and it takes a load off the minds of your loved ones.  If you want to go swimming but are worries about going alone, ask someone.  Need help preparing a meal for your family? Ask someone.  Chances are you have spend your life loving and caring for your family and they want the best for you, so please, don’t be afraid to reach out to them.

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