Our New Office Space

It all started with the admin assistant complaining she was cold, there was talk of insulating the office to retain the heat better through the winter months, and before you knew it we’d collectively redesigned the whole office and set about planning for a total refurbishment.

We decided that if we were to improve the insulation in the office, we may as well also improve the functionality, and then the appearance, and then the design, and then the carpet.  And then we figured, why stop there? Let’s design a mural and put some of our favourite Unicorn Stairlifts moments from installations and videos up on the wall.

This was the old office.....

17 1024x578


And this is the new office....

Unicorn Stairlifts5Kate LoveUnicorn Stairlifts1Kate Love2

We're so happy with the outcome.  There is so much more space, and the office functions better, and dare I say it, the streamlined design has made us even more productive.  Here are a few more shots from the office, let us know your thoughts!

We’d really like to thank all the people that helped us do the refurbishment, it was a team effort and we’re so thankful to all the local businesses who worked together to help us bring our vision into reality.

Steve Bennett – Joinery Steve created a new frame on our old breezeblock walls.

Steve Feather – Doors Steve helped us replace our door for a new, extra warm and fire safe one.

Scott Bellamy – Plastering Scott flawlessly re-plastered the whole office, which has dramatically improved the insulation as well as looking great.

Smart Roofing and Joinery http://www.smartroofingjoinery.co.uk/ Fit us lots of new electrical work to help us streamline our design and make the most of the space.

Danny Bowness Painting and Decorating https://www.facebook.com/DanielBownessPaintingDecorating/?fref=ts Worked tirelessly to paint the whole office, doors, windows, and parts of the warehouse.

Springfield Carpets Fit us a lovely and incredibly durable office carpet.

APS Signs http://www.apssignsltd.co.uk/ Who printed out and fit our wall murals and information cards.



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