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Stairlift Charging Points & Continuous Charging System

Stairlift Charging Points & Continuous Charging System

We get a few questions regarding the difference between stairlift charging points and stairlift continuous charging system. So, to clear this one up, here’s a brief description on the two…

The majority of modern day stairlifts are D/C battery powered. The stairlift track they run on comes fitted with either a continuous charging system or charging points.


Charge Point

A charging point is where the stairlift is left to charge its batteries after use. Usually they are conveniently located at the top and bottom of the stairlift track so that when you come to the end of your journey the stairlift is automatically on charge. Charging points can be located anywhere along the stairlift track and are sometimes relocated when a hinge track system is in place. If the stairlift does not park on to its charging point correctly, the batteries will not be charged.



Continuous charging systems are a little different. The whole of the stairlift track contains the charge required for the batteries via a strip, meaning the stairlift can be left anywhere along the track and the stairlift will still be on charge.




Continuous Charge Strip2


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