Stairlift Myth No 1: “Stairlifts are fixed to wall and cause damage to my decor”

Stairlifts are fixed to the stairs not the wall

A common myth with the installation of a stairlift is that when fitted in to your home they are fixed and attached to the wall, this however is incorrect and they are actually fixed to the stair treads and not wall. The stairlift is mounted on to the stairlift track which runs the length of the staircase. The stairlift track is fixed to the stair treads by feet usually placed every 2- 3 steps to support and fix the track and stairlift in place. The installation of a stairlift doesn't actually cause any damage to home what so ever. In fact when a stairlift is no longer needed and you have it removed by a qualified stairlift removal service you won't even know a stairlift had actually been previously installed.






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