Stairlift Myth No 2: “Stairlifts stop working when a power cut occurs leaving me unable to get off safely”

Stairlifts work even if there is a power cut2What's the difference? Well A/C powered stairlifts receive power directly from the electricity to move the stairlift up and down the staircase. D/C powered stairlifts are powered up and down the stairs by batteries, which are charged from the mains after use.

How does this stop a stairlift from cutting out when a power cut occurs? D/C powered stairlifts are still able to move up and down the stairs when a power cut occurs because when in motion they are only using power from the batteries within the stairlift. In fact they can do up to 20 trips without charge. If a power cut occurred whilst on a A/C powered stairlift then yes the stairlift would stop instantly but thankfully as previously mentioned A/C powered stairlifts are now a thing of the past

N.B: Please be careful when purchasing a stairlift, some stairlift companies do still sell reconditioned A/C powered stairlifts which can be up to 20-30 years old. So do make sure you ask before you buy.


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