The Evolution Of The Stairlift

It was always thought that the stairlift was created in the 1920’s by C.C Crispen when he wanted to help his sick friend get up and down stairs.  That is, until 2009 when a historian named David Starkey found evidence that King Henry VIII had one fashioned to help him get up and down stairs after he was injured jousting.  It was labelled as “a chair…that goeth up and down” and has also been known  as his ‘stair throne’ and was operated by servants pulling the chair up using a block and tackle system.

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In 1933 The Inclinator Company of America, owned by C. C. Crispen,  launched a modern take on the stairlift, and in that time the primary use was for sufferers of polio; however the usage soon expanded to help those with arthritis and other illnesses which limited mobility.

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You may be surprised to learn that the design of stairlifts hasn’t changed much over the years. It was found that the C. C Crispen design was actually so effective, that all it needed was a little tweaking and streamlining.

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