Platinum Curved Stairlift

Our Platinum Curved Stairlift Prices Include 1 Year Warranty

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Brand New Platinum Curved Stairlift From Only £3,995.00

A quiet, safe and smooth stairlift, the Platinum Curve is an affordable solution for your curved staircase. The Platinum Curve Stairlift is designed and manufactured with ease of use, reliability and your comfort in mind. The Platinum Curve Stairlift uses the latest relevant technologies to provide you with all the features you need. The engineering build of the Platinum Curve is of the highest standards. It's built here in the UK and every Stairlift system goes through a strict quality control inspection before leaving the factory.

Smooth Ride Quality: The Platinum Curve Stairlift avoids jerky, lumpy movements thanks to its build quality and because of this it effortlessly glides along the staircase track.

Quiet Operation: The Platinum Curve is one of the quietest rides on the market, giving greater confidence and elegance to the ride experience.

Compact When Folded: Once folded, the Platinum Curve is extremely compact making it one of the slimmest curved stairlifts on the available.

Durable Stairlift Track: Because the stairlift runs on one of the tightest curved tracks on the market, the Platinum Curve can easily be positioned on the inside or outside of the staircase.

DC Powered: like all modern stairlifts the Platinum Curve stairlift is battery operated. The advantages of this is that the stairlift will be whisper quiet and will also be able to cope with any unexpected emergencies such as a power cut.



A Floor to top of footrest 3.6"
B Top of footrest to top of seat 19.64"
C Top of seat to top of arms 9.6"
D Top of arms to top of seat back 10.3"
E Overall height 40.9"
F Length of footrest 12.9"
G Front of footrest to wall 25.4"
H Back of seat to wall 1.35"
I Width between armrests 17.8"
J Overall width 23.2"
K Width of footrest 11.4"
L Footrest offset 1.93"
N Newel post (typical) 3.5x3.5"
O Newel post to inside of rail 5.35"
P Bend on rail inside to inside 14.24"
Q Newel post to inside of rail 5.35"
R Bend radius on centre line (min) 7.87"
T Minimum swivel radius from wall 25.8"



Price & Service

config a configb configc
A) From £3,995.00  B) From £3,995.00  C) From £3,995.00
configd confige configf
 D) From £3,995.00  E) From £3,995.00  F) From £4,275.00
configg configh  
  G) From £4,275.00   H) From £4,275.00  

From £3,995.00

This price includes the following services:

Full survey of site
Full delivery and installation
12 months full warranty cover
24 hour response service
There are no hidden costs, all we require is a 40% deposit and the rest is payable once fully installed and you are happy with the service Unicorn Stairlifts have provided.

We are based in the West Yorkshire area and can fit our stairlifts in most homes in the UK.


PDF Brochure

To download an PDF online version of the Platinum Curved Stairlift Brochure, please click here: Platinum Curved Stairlift Brochure

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    Remote Control

    Wireless or wall mounted remotes to call and park the stairlift.

    key on off

    Key On/Off Switch

    The locakable key switch can be used for security when needed.

    safety belt

    Safety Belt

    The standard safety belt keeps you safe at all times

    custom track

    Custom Track

    The track is custom built to the shape and size of your staircase.



    Simple to fold away so others can use the stairs

    toggle switch

    Toggle Switch

    The toggle switch is easy to use - simply press in the direction you wish to go.

    swivel leaver

    Swivel Lever

    The swivel lever is easy to use - simply press down to activate the swivel.

    manual switch

    Manual Swivel

    The chair swivels at the top of the stairs for access to the landing.


    • Which Approved Stairlift Supplier
    • FSB Member
    • Bradford City Supplier

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