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Hinge Track System

Occasionally, the design of a hallway or the positioning of a door at the bottom of the staircase means that the stairlift track would be placed in front of a door or an awkward bend - which we do not recommend as the obstruction is a potential health and safety risk.

At Unicorn Stairlifts, we can overcome this problem by installing a hinge track system, which can be either powered or manual.

A hinge track will enable the stairlift to travel up and down the track as normal. When not in use, the track is conveniently folded upwards to free the obstruction. The park position will then be re-located higher up the track.

The powered hinge track is especially useful for those experiencing bending difficulties as the hinge is lowered and raised using a remote control.

Please view our video demonstration of how a hinge track works below. (The demonstration features an automatic powered hinge version)

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