Stairlift Special Offer4

This month's stairlift offer is for the very latest model (T700) slimline Brooks 130 stairlift, brand new with 18 months warranty cover for only £1,395.00.

The price is fully inclusive of: Survey | Delivery | Installation | 24 hour Call Out | 18 months warranty.

The Brooks 130 stairlift is currently the most popular stairlift for straight staircases in the world.

Our high quality service and affordable starting price makes us one of the best value Brooks stairlift suppliers in the UK.

The Brooks 130 is the very latest model. It's one of the slimmest straight stairlifts on the market, so it can be installed on to a variety of staircases including very narrow stairs. It is British built and features high quality throughout, super reliability and low maintenance.

To take advantage of this deal, please quote: stairliftdeal0818 when calling: 0800 5879505.

(Offer Ends: 31/08/2018)

Jan Stairlift offer

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    Brooks 130 Stairlift Arm Controls2

    Arm Controls

    The toggle switch controls are on both arms and are easy to use. Lightly hold in the direction you wish to travel.

    Brooks 130 Stairlift Swivel Seat Lever2

    Swivel Lever

    The swivel lever is easy to use - simply press down to activate the swivel.

    Brooks 130 Stairlift Remote Controls2

    Remote Controls

    Call and send the stairlift up and down the stairs. The Brooks 130 comes with 2 wireless remote controls as standard.

    Brooks 130 Stairlift Safety Belt2

    Safety Belt

    The standard safety belt keeps you safe at all times

    Brooks 130 Stairlift Safety Edges2

    Safety Edges

    The safety edges will detect any obstructions and will stop the stairlift straight away


    Lockable Key Switch

    The lockable key switch enables you to deactivate the stairlift when needed. Some users do this when grandchildren are around, for example.



    The footrest adds support along the stairs for your feet and also makes getting off easier.

    Brooks 130 Stairlift Folded5

    Slimline - Foldaway

    The Brooks 130 can be folded up against the wall when not in use. This creates space on the staircase for other people to use.


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